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By Shamin Shah, June 17, 2020 – 10 minute read

Ensure you have read part 1 and part 2 first.

Now that you have your information organized, you will need to try it out. When most people do a mock draft, they will pick their team, see if they like it or not, and move on to the next one. Rather, you should study the mock draft results, notice trends on what people are picking, what players tend to vary from ADP in order to find value, and continue to make adjustments based on your results. When it comes to mock drafts, here are some DO’s and DON’Ts you want to follow.


Mock draft in the same format of your league(s): 

Make sure you draft within the same software as your league, use the same amount of people, and follow the same drafting rules. This is true for both snake and auction drafts. Any difference in format will completely throw you off.

Draft at different picks:

What I have seen from a lot of people is that they tend to pick the top most position available in the mock draft to ensure they get that top 3 RB. This obviously cannot be guaranteed in your draft as you have the same odds in getting any position. Make sure to do multiple drafts using at least every other position (eg. 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th) in order to identify what kinds of players you can get throughout the draft.

Draft with multiple strategies:

Most drafters out there will want to go with the drafting RBs early and often strategy. If that’s the case, you will end up seeing a lot more receivers go in round 3, leaving a slew of RB value up for grabs. Now, I am not saying don’t draft 2 RBs as your first 2 picks. If you run through these strategies at the different draft positions mentioned above, you will have a good idea of what other people are doing. Try to answer the following and figure out what strategy works for you. What happens if you take 2 RBs first? What happens if you lock in that WR1 with your first pick and then draft RBs? What does your team end up looking like if you draft TE or QB early? What if you wait on those positions? This is where you can find the most value during mock drafts. 

Adjust your information

As you go through each of your mock drafts, keep the results handy to do some analysis. Most drafts will send you every pick that was made. Not only are your picks important, but your fellow mock drafters picks are important as well. As discussed earlier, use this information to get a sense of what strategy others are doing in order to find opportunities to take advantage. Adjust your undervalued and overvalued lists accordingly.

Pay attention to player notes:

As you are mock drafting, most sites will have player notes available. Take a look at those to identify injuries, timeshare information, and any other information that may be relevant. These likely have the latest information for each player, which is something you would otherwise have to look up one by one. 


Quit mock drafts after the first few rounds:

I see many people in the draft who will draft their starters and then leave, letting the bot get the rest of their team. This will not only mess up the mock draft for others (as your team will suddenly take a defense and a kicker next), but it won’t help you find that value you need to win a league. WIth bye weeks, injuries, timeshares, rookie impact, and possible COVID related occurrences, drafting a deep team is more important than ever, 

Take Auction values to heart:

There are a few trends with auction mock drafts and auction draft values. Auction values that you find online never equate to what happens in drafts. This is because the values that experts share are what they actually think the players are worth and should be drafted for. However, people will tend to pay much more than what the experts think, and much more than what the mock draft application will suggest. Some people go into the draft thinking they won’t spend more than X for a player. These are the folks that end up with $ left over. What really happens are top heavy drafts (where you have to pay much more than expected for top RBs and WRs), and tons of value later in drafts (where you can end up paying $1 for someone who would go in the 7th or 8th round in snake drafts). 

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