Gathering Fantasy Related Information

by Shamin Shah, June 18 2020 – 10 minute read

The best thing about this era of fantasy football is that there is tons of content everywhere. I’m here to guide you as you create your own plan to reach the ultimate goal: being 100% ready for your drafts! Now I know what you’re thinking – I’ll do all this maybe a month before the draft, that’s more than enough time. Or what’s the point of doing all this research now, I’m just going to forget it all. 

Well, here’s a scenario you can likely relate to. It’s your turn to draft your 5th round pick, you are following your strategy, and the draft is going according to plan. You have your 3 stud RBs and 1 solid WR (as per your RB heavy strategy) and you’re ready to draft that 2nd starting WR. You have your eyes on selecting TY Hilton, Tyler Lockett, DJ Chark, or Calvin Ridley. Guess what happens next. Everyone else in your league has the same strategy and all four of those players go right before your turn. The rankings tell you that your next choices at WR are Terry Mclaurin and Stefon Diggs, two guys who are on your DO NOT DRAFT list. You’re scrambling, you don’t know what to do and that countdown is speeding along. You end up taking Kyler Murray at that 1 second mark, something that goes against your entire strategy of waiting on QB. Your WR2 ends up being AJ Green and you think you’re screwed. You’re flustered for the rest of that draft because of this. It’s all gone to shit and there aren’t any retries. Unfortunately, this happens all the time in fantasy drafts. 

So what do you do in this situation? Or better yet, how do you avoid this situation? This article isn’t going to tell you what I think. It’s going to enable you to come up with your own plan. A plan that can help you anticipate and adjust accordingly. A plan that gets you 100% ready for your drafts with step one being how to gather information.

Here are some tips and tricks to gather information about fantasy football right now.

  1. Listen to podcasts: Like I mentioned before, there is a ton of content out there, and one of the best sources of this information are podcasts. This is an easy way to listen to experts on what’s going on in the league. Listen before bedtime, listen while you work out, listen as background noise. Your brain will pick certain things up. These tidbits are going to help you along the way and of course, they are entertaining. Here are some I recommend:
  • PFF Fantasy
  • Fantasy Footballers
  • RotoWorld Fantasy
  • Fantasy Football Prophet
  • Yahoo Fantasy Football
  • FantasyPros

2. Read Articles: There are also tons of articles to read, but keep in mind that everyone else is also reading these articles. Find articles that aren’t on your basic websites eg. ESPN, Yahoo, SI, CBSSports. Find articles that are very specific. A general article of rankings will not help you much right now. An article that gets into the specifics of how to view a specific player will get you a lot more insight. 

3. Know all key offseason player movements: This one goes without saying but you want to make sure you know which players have moved to new teams, and just as importantly, how that move can impact other players and their fantasy value. Pay more attention to major moves like changes to key position players, but keep track of less impactful moves such as backups that will take target share away or significant O-line additions. 

4. Check out Coaching Changes: A new coaching staff can obviously change the whole dynamic of a team both offensively and defensively. Recognize trends of certain coaches in new situations. How these coaches use their players will help you predict player usage. For example, a coach may have a history of using RB by committee (our favorite) while another coach may simply abandon the run when down on the scoreboard. 

5. Keep an eye on Rookies: I personally don’t recommend taking rookies very early in drafts. They are unpredictable and a lot of the time, you have to wait weeks before you feel comfortable enough to start them. However, they can impact other players significantly. For example, Darrell Henderson is going to be impacted greatly with Cam Akers in the mix, but it would take you a lot for you to become comfortable enough to start Cam Akers who is currently going in the 6th round, a precious pick where you can get a solid starting WR or TE. 

Once you have learned how to gather your information, move on to Part 2 on how to organize it.

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