Other Draft Considerations

by Shamin Shah, June 16 2020 – 3 minute read

Here are some other considerations to take while preparing for a draft in 2020.

Propose league changes now:

How many times has your commissioner asked you for any league change proposals less than a week before your draft? This tends to happen every year. The truth is, each proposal needs to go through some sort of approval process by your entire league and that takes time. Recall your league last year, find things that seemed to be unfair, and propose league changes now and give it enough time for the leaguemates to review. This is exponentially important for major changes to the league outside of just scoring. Do you want to introduce keepers this year? Do you want to start a dynasty league? Do you want to remove Kickers? Do you want to do an auction draft rather than a snake draft? All these changes will likely require a league vote and a lot of back and forth.

Response to COVID:

No one knows how COVID is going to change the NFL and sports in general. When we do end up getting a season, it is likely that a lot of testing and validation will be involved in order for players to play. Keep an eye on how the NFL is going to handle this and bake that into your draft strategy. For example, if there are going to be players testing positive, you want to make sure you have viable backups. This may require you to draft backup QBs and TEs and change your strategy accordingly. In addition, think about proposing multiple IR slots in your league due to COVID. Please see my COVID article for more information.

Incentivize your league:

Every year you get people quitting halfway through the season. Find ways to incentivize each week of fantasy football. Find ways to incentivize people who are losing. Whether it’s money, a losers bracket, or something embarrassing no one would want to do, you don’t want anyone thinking that it’s okay to be last. Make sure you get agreement from the entire league before the draft. If you have any great ideas, please leave them in the comment below.

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