Kicker Analysis

by Shamin Shah, June 13 2020 – 5 minute read

A few things to know

We all know the general rule for Kicker. Wait until the last round in a snake draft, or do not pay more than $1 for a kicker in an auction draft. Let’s examine this general rule and determine if it is the best move.

  1. If you are streaming kicker, there are a few things to consider. For one, try to anticipate how the game flow will go.
    1. Naturally, you want to grab kickers that are part of good offenses. The more opportunities they get to score, the better they will do
    2. You want to grab kickers that are part of good defenses as well. If a defense can keep a team in games, that 3 points from your kicker is always going to be needed
    3. The worst kickers are ones that are on teams that go down early. If the team is already out of it by half time, your kicker is not going to get many opportunities as teams will be forced to go for TDs (and potentially two point conversions)
  2. If you have a top tier kicker, don’t get cute, Set it and forget it. The kickers that fall into this category are Tucker, Lutz, and Butker. 
    1. In order to get one of these, you will likely have to draft them in the second to last round
    2. I believe this may be a good idea only if you don’t like any of the players on the board at that time OR if a player you really like will definitely fall in the next round. Otherwise, wait to draft the kicker until the final round.
  3. There are a number of kickers that are trusted by their coach a lot more than other coaches. These coaches will trust them and go for that 50+ yard FG instead of going for it on 4th down. This means more opportunities for your kicker and will lead to more points. Along with the top tiered kickers mentioned above, this includes Zuerlein, Gould and Elliot.
  4. The next tier of kickers are ones on solid offenses. This includes Gay, Fairnbarn, Gonzales and Crosby. Their coaches may not let  them kick it 50+ yards very often, but their teams do move the ball and they will get opportunities throughout most games
  5. The final tier are kickers whose teams can move the ball for the most part but they may be down early, forcing them to abandon the FG opportunities in the second half. This includes Slye, Bailey, Myers, and Badgley.
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